Membership to the association is by examination; however, a working teacher may join as an affiliate member by applying to the secretary and completing the prescribed form. Intensive courses are available for any working teacher/student who wishes to take a professional examination with the association.


Whilst holding an affiliate membership you can enjoy limited benefits of the association such as “Scholarships, Festivals, Open Days and Days of Dance” – it is expected that an affiliate member will take a professional examination within three years of joining and therefore become an Associate member – if for any reason an affiliate member does not take a professional examination within twelve months of joining, their membership may be terminated at the discretion of the Board; an affiliate member may enter students for examinations and medal tests within their three years of membership.

Please note: It is a requirement of your membership to book at least one examination or medal session per year.

Student membership is available to any student who has passed grade 5 in any subject. Only an Affiliate, Associate, Licentiate or Fellow member may enter pupils for examinations and medal tests.

If you are already a member of another recognised dance association, you may join us without taking a professional examination by providing proof of such membership i.e. certificates, membership card, report sheet to the secretary; if you have completed and passed a minimum two year full-time recognised dance course/degree in Theatre dance core subjects at a recognised University/College, you may apply for membershipby providing the secretary with a copy of the certificate/report sheet – such membership is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

A.B.D. recognises Awarding Bodies belonging to the British Dance Council (BDC), Board of Dance Qualifications & Training (BDQT), Theatre Dance Council (TDCI) and Council for Dance Education & Training (CDET).

Teachers over the age of 25 years may take a professional examination and use a Student they have trained, for demonstration purposes ONLY.

The Board may grant an honorary membership, degree or examination-ship but reserve the right to rescind any of the above at their discretion- THE BOARDS DECISION IS FINAL.


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Why not become part of the fastest growing dance examination board in the UK.

We have a vibrant young membership and offer great teacher support and training courses throughout the country, as well as festivals, competitions and opportunities to perform in a professional environment.

If you are qualified with another association, you can transfer your qualifications to ABD without taking an examination. 

You can apply for your full membership here: Membership Application

DVD's & CD's

DVDs and CDs available in all core subjects through your teacher.

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