ABD Guidance for Covid19 Return Jul 15 2020

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We welcomed the news from the Government that Dance Studio's will be able to reopen from the 25th July 2020.  This is our advance guide to Good Practice, ahead of any further guidelines/legislation from the UK Government.

This guidance is for Ballroom and Theatre members and whilst these are suggestions that you may wish to adopt, common sense needs to play a large part in how some (if not all) of these suggestions meet the needs of your school allowing for limitations that may affect your ability to meet all suggestions/requirements.

Our guidance applies to England and can change at any time with little notice from the government. You must adhere to the individual country laws and guidance of the devolved administrations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and other Worldwide countries).

Measures set out in this guidance refer to studios, but include all venues used for dancing. However, hall hirers will need to see the specific requirements of the venue owners 

1          The individual should return home immediately

2          Avoid touching anything

3          Any cough or sneeze should be into a tissue and put in a bin.  If tissues are not available then they should cough or sneeze into the crook of their elbow

4          They must follow the guidance for self-isolation and should not be allowed back into the studio until this period has been completed

5          The studio should immediately close and a deep clean be completed

6          A courtesy email to ABD Head Office would be appreciated.

Please note that government guidance changes without notice and this guide will be updated as required.

ABD is in constant contact with One Dance UK, SARA, BDC, TDCI, GQAL, BDQT to monitor any changes that the government may make.